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      LAIWU LIANYUN GLASS CO., LTD. founded in 2009, the company is located in Laiwu City, Shandong Province, Niuquan Industrial Park, the beautiful Taishan and the provincial capital of Jinan are within an hour's drive within the distance of two kilometers from the Tai Lai exports, Yishanbangshui, convenient transportation.
      The company relies on Lianyun collective complete industrial system, specializing in energy-saving LOW-E coated glass production and processing, the introduction of the international advanced level of LOW-E coated glass production line, double chamber strong convection glass production line, automatic glass cutting machine, Automatic glass milling machine, automatic insulating glass production line, and so on more than one set of ....More
        Single silver and double silver LOW-E coated glass |  Tempered glass |  Hollow glass |  Sandwich glass |  Ceramic Fritted Glass |  Fire proof glass |  Bulletproof glass |  Nano self-cleaning glass lamp | 
      LOW-E glass
      Reflective co
      Heat treated
      Insulating gl
      Laminated gla
      Color glaze g
      fire-proof gl
      Can be temper
      High permeabi
      Shade type gl
      Double silver
      01Company hal
      02Factory cor
      03Workshop vi
      04Hollow Line
      05Hollow Line
      Copyright ? 2017- LAIWU LIANYUN GLASS CO., LTD.   
      Tel : 0086-634-5601212 Fax : 0086-634-5631212 Email : lwlybl@163.com  Website : www.010jfjzy.com
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